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Recent Projects:

CPTMIKE Productions is excited to be working on the current projects, and would be happy to hear from you about helping you or your company or organization with the same great "one of a kind" items provided to these customers!  Look for more soon!

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Emergency Art Call for Albertsons!

Into the heart of Orlando, Florida, rides the pen of Mike Wilkerson!  Via the wonder of the web, I was able to provide some great emergency art to a very well-known company:  "Albertsons" which needed some T-shirt art for their upcoming Corporate 5k Charity event.

Check the art and the shirt and be sure to check out Albertsons Online!

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Characters and Reports for Sprint/RelayMissouri:

Sprint continues to be on the cutting edge of technology and CPTMIKE Productions is happy to help them achieve great things.  We recently provided them characters, report templates and custom front-page caricature are for their Fiscal Year report.  The results were something that was "some the most innovative thing seen in 12 years."

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Hey There, Smooth Jazz Lovers...

While working with a great fellow business owner, Kevin McCarthy of TV and radio fame, I have become involved in a fantastic new online Jazz radio station effort that rolls out this month.  It's called "The Oasis", and internet-based Jazz Radio Station.  It's an effort I'm supporting via the ideas and talent of "Fox Music Machine" headed by Terry Fox - a radio legend and icon for 30 years.

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Logo Art and More: Beasley's Shed: 

If you're looking for cool, unique goodies to fit a multitude of bills, Beasley's Shed is your one-stop shop.

Dedicated to providing you with the best, most unique items, Beasley's was looking for a logo that matched it's one-of-a-kind inventory and they got it.

Click Here for More!
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Dave Glover Desktop Wallpaper:  It's been a great radio show for years, and we've taken some time to "give something back" to the show, based on Dave's ever-exciting input during his show. 

Click on either of the links under the images listed at right, or visit Dave Glover's Bio Site at 97.1 FM Talk Online.

Look for more as the show "inspires" us!

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Promotional Art for Magic Matt Morgan - Professional Magician and Master Illustionist:  Matt and Iliana came to me with a need for some picture restoration, and master promotional art.  they provided me with an original photo which I have improved upon - blemishes, picture "fuzz" and color correction were all on the menu.  I have also supplied them with master art that allows them to change out the background of this image in high resolution format for future use.

Click Here to See Before and After Imagery...

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Website and Posters for the Greater St. Louis Renaissance Festival at Wentzville:  It's a large and ongoing project that we're very excited about.  We've provided them with a series of posters, and a new website that will be showcased during the 2005 Faire Season.

Many thanks to the people at the STLRenfaire for their input and interest!

Click Here for More Details...

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Logo Solution for the Deaf Mental Health PAH Effort:  We recently created a  custom logo for the venerable Deaf Mental Health PAH Effort, based in St. Louis, MO.  Future efforts include a website and custom advertisement services.  Look for those services soon and learn more about their effort now.

Click Here for a Larger Sample...

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Mike Wilkerson Father, Graphic Artist and Dude with Opinions:  It has been a very long time since I have taken time for "Mike Wilkerson" but during some recent vacation time I was able to construct a very nice online presence for myself to compliment my wife's website.

Complete with goofy pictures of me growing up, a great collection of new and old school drawings from way back when and a Blog (Drab the Wheel) that let's me rant when I need to, it's a very solid project that I take great pride in.  I'm excited to watch it grow as I do.

Click Here to Visit MikeWilkerson.Com...

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The Chefton/Michliss Wedding Photo-shoot:  We attended and did a fantastic photo shoot of the wedding of Kelly Shefton and Carl Michliss in September, and provided them them with colorful, vibrant custom printed high quality digital pictures of their special day!   They also requested an online gallery to show their friends and relatives their pictures as well.  Check out the pictures from their wedding, as well as samples from our other wedding shoots. Congratulations to Kelly and Carl!

The Wedding of Kelly and Carl Michliss -- Congratulations!

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The Captioned Media Portal Website:  We recently provided the Captioned Media Division of RTR with a fantastic information portal and showcase for their Captioned Movies that are showcased at Northwest Plaza Mall every Sunday and Monday.  Complete with regularly updated event information and links to a great many entertainment links, it is a resource to be reckoned with.

Click Here to See More Regarding This Website...

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Logos for RADIO: STARFLEET:  If you've been looking for what is probably the most original idea in music entertainment in a good long time, RADIO: STARLFEET is it.  We were proud to do several logo samples for them, and they chose this one.  They've also used the now venerable "Cafe' Press" stores to create a complete line of merchandise as well.  Well done, RADIO: STARFLEET: We were happy to have a hand in your success.

Click Here to See More Details...

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Raw Art for a Variety of In-House and T-Shirt Projects: Have been working on a variety of projects that have re-invigorated my drawing skills and I wanted to share them. 

Click on the green balls shown at right to see more detail about any of the art provided.  Enjoy!

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Complete Website Services for St. Joseph's Institute for the Deaf Alumni Association:  We recently created a complete website for SJIAA, complete with a custom design, email services, website statistics, listserve service and more.

Click Here to Access SJIAA's Website...

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T-Shirts for the STARFLEET: Region 12 Summit: In tandem with Rina Wear Online (making the shirts), I've created a great new T-shirt to help provide a solution to the coordinators of the recent Region 12 Summit.  For more details, check out the website online.

Click Here for More Details!

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Logo, Business Card and Stationery Creation for "Ability Interpreting":  We recently created a general business profile kit for a new interpreting service catering to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in St. Louis.

To learn more about Ability Interpreting, contact them at their Email address or contact Ability Interpreting via relay at 314-583-5706.

Welcome to the St. Louis Interpreting arena, Ability Interpreting!

Click Here to Connect to Ability Interpreting...

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Logos for Region 12's "Shuttle Allegiant:  We recently created some custom logo work for the club members of the "Shuttle Allegiant", who are science fiction fans in the midwest.  We started with their original logo art, we enhanced the color scheme and made something that works nicely both on black and white.  Are you looking for a great-looking, cost effective logo for your business, organization or website?  Contact us now!  Click any of the pictures at left to see the final product.

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T-Shirt Art for "Bob's Vampire Slayin' Workshop", Featuring RobertChapin, Hollywood Fight/Stunt Coordinator:  We recently created some custom shirt art for "Bob's Vampire Slayin' Workshop" a stage fighting/swordplay workshop that's going on in our area.  Bob also has an internet episode-based show that we look forward to doing work for.  Many thanks to RinaOnline.Com, for offering a great T-Shirt price.  We look forwar to making more art for Mr. Chapin as he treks the globe teaching people how to kill off the Dark Kind :)

Click Here to See a Sample!

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The Bay/Frost Wedding Photo-shoot:  We attended the wedding of Shelby Bay and James Frost in in the late days of December, and provided them with colorful, vibrant custom printed high quality digital pictures of their special day!  Look for photo samples of their wedding, as well as samples from our other wedding shoots. Congratulations to Shelby and James!

Congratulations, Jamie and Shelby!

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The Florissant Northstars Wrestling Club:  it is with great pride that CPTMIKE Productions provided this group of young men with a formidable website to showcase their growing talent.  You boys are doing a fine job and good luck in everything that you do!

Click Here to Check Out This Great Website...

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The USS ATLAS Special Event Shots:  The USS ATLAS is a Science Fiction Fan Organization in the Metro St. Louis area, and has all kinds of special events monthly.  In addition to created the entire USS ATLAS Website, we recently we created a series of Special Event Webpages for them.  Click at right to see: Indiana-Jones-A-Thon, Judgment Day, or Matrix Revolutions.

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The Rise of Nations Xoops Theme:  We're having some fun with the folks over at ACKSOFT making some looks for "Xoops", a content management system.  Many thanks to Ackbarr for the inspiration on these first two.  Thanks for the "fun work," Brian!

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The Macaraeg/Bone Wedding Photo-shoot:  We attended the wedding of Sheila Macaraeg and Shannon Stone in October, and provided them with colorful, vibrant custom printed high quality digital pictures of their special day!  Check out the photo samples, as well as samples from our other wedding shoots. Congratulations to Sheila and Shannon!

The Wedding of Sheila and Shannon Bone -- Congratulations!

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The Chattanooga Central Class of 1958 Information Website:  We recently provided the Reunion Committee of Central High School, Class of '58 with a website template that will be fleshed out i the near future.  If you're looking to have something created to help bring you and your classmates close together, contact us today!

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RADIO-STARFLEET:  We recently provided the fine folks at "RadioSTARFLEET.Com" with art for their chosen RSF Mascot, "Girl Friday."  Click on any of the samples at left to see larger images, and thanks again to Radio-STARFLEET for their request to make more great art to help make a difference.

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Burton/Mason Wedding Photo-shoot:  We attended the wedding of April Burton and Kenny Mason on Saturday, April 12th, providing them with complete photography services, hundreds of pictures to choose from, an online photo selection gallery, custom printed wedding photo pictures, and special Captain's Edition custom Wedding Art Prints. Check out the samples Congratulations, April and KJ!

The Wedding of April and Kenny Mason -- Congratulations!

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DEAF WAY Interpreting Services:  Getting the best quality Interpreting services just got a whole lot easier!  Check out DEAF WAY's Website and see how they can help you on you way to a successful and positive Interpreting experience today!  Tell them CPTMIKE sent you!

Click Here to Visit DEAF WAY on the Web Now!

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GLORIA WILKERSON: Mom, Woman and Wife:  Gloria and her family are venturing into the greatest human adventure:  Having a baby!  Check out Gloria's website now and visit a great lady, an interesting family, and a piece of someone's life that few people get the chance to "hear about..."

Click Here to Visit Gloria Wilkerson's Website!

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